Raw Purple Amethyst stone

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Amethyst protects the wearer from psychic attacks and transmutes that energy into positivity. An excellent stone for those experiencing recent loss as it helps ease grief. This stone helps in overcoming any addiction; it’s derivative meaning translates to “not drunken.” A natural tranquilizer known to ease irritability, balance mood swings, and dispel negative emotions associated with anger. Amethyst helps you become more focused, boost memory, increase your intelligence, and magnify your motivation so your goals materialize. This stone encourages spiritual enlightenment and growth. Used at a higher level, Amethyst opens to another reality. Amethyst is a naturally occurring crystal so size, shape, and color vary piece to piece.
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XS             16.5"                 27"                                 8"
SM             18"                   28"                                 8.25"
MD             20"                   29"                                 8.75"
LG              22"                   30"                                 9"
XL               24"                  31"                                 9.5"
2XL             26"                  32"                                10.25"
3XL             28"                 33"                                 10.75"


SIZE        BUST         WAIST        HIP
XS            30"               23"            32"
SM           32"               25"            34"
MD           36"               28"            38"
LG            40"               32"            42"
XL            44"               37"            46"
XXL          48"               48"            50"  


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