Introducing The Woody Jacket.

      Inspired by my Grandpa Woodrow, who by all accounts, was an absolute treasure of a father, husband, friend + all around human being.

      I never had the chance to meet him, but the jacket you see him wearing here hung in our utility room all through my childhood.

      The entire family shared it, throwing it on as we ran out the back door to tackle a variety of household chores.

      The jacket was worn thin from years of wear, making it soft to the touch and easy to move in.

      The large pockets housed any number of useful tools, from matches to gloves, or maybe a quarter or two.

      I'm not sure what happened to that jacket in the years since my childhood, but the memories remain.

      The Woody Jacket is my love letter to my Grandpa, and all of those memories.

      Each shacket is crafted by hand, one-of-a-kind, and made with as little waste as possible. That's why you'll see a patchwork of interesting colors + fabrics in each unique piece.

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