Full Moon Tiny Ritual Kit

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The word moon came to us from the Old English word mōna, and also from the Latin word metiri, meaning to measure.


The word month comes to us from how the moon has served from the beginning, as a means to measure time.


Our modern calendar however did not remain with the moon, which is why we sometimes have a blue moon—a thirteenth moon in a calendar ye

ar. CONTENTS Full Moon Soy Tea Light Full Moon Tea of cocoa, motherwort, mugwort, gotu kola, cassia, ginger, and black pepper blended in partnership with Benevolent Blends.

Full Moon Goat's Milk Soap White Sage & Lavender Smudge Selenite Spar Full Moon Incense of palo santo, lavender, sage, and rose merge with copal and styrax resins. Full Moon Ritual Booklet

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XS             16.5"                 27"                                 8"
SM             18"                   28"                                 8.25"
MD             20"                   29"                                 8.75"
LG              22"                   30"                                 9"
XL               24"                  31"                                 9.5"
2XL             26"                  32"                                10.25"
3XL             28"                 33"                                 10.75"


SIZE        BUST         WAIST        HIP
XS            30"               23"            32"
SM           32"               25"            34"
MD           36"               28"            38"
LG            40"               32"            42"
XL            44"               37"            46"
XXL          48"               48"            50"  


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