Pocket Earthing Kit

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Find a quiet space. Take a deep breath. Get grounded. Be connected. Carry your altar with you. We've created an earthing kit for the modern nomad. Your Earthing Kit contains the following elements: A cotton bag to contain all the elements with enough room to add personal items if you so desire A tin to hold everything safely inside the bag A handmade altar cloth by Rebecca of Gravesco Pottery woven with the intent of creating a sacred space you can take anywhere Three cards with information about how to use your earthing kit and some information on the crystals themselves. Deb has crafted a simple ritual you can use anywhere for grounding and healing. 1 selenite wand 1 quartz crystal 1 black tourmaline 1 amethyst crystal 1 citrine a small packet of pink salt infused with organic rosemary and lavender a private link to learn even more about working with each element of your earthing kit **Note: the altar clothes are intuitively hand woven and will vary - one of a kind.
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XS             16.5"                 27"                                 8"
SM             18"                   28"                                 8.25"
MD             20"                   29"                                 8.75"
LG              22"                   30"                                 9"
XL               24"                  31"                                 9.5"
2XL             26"                  32"                                10.25"
3XL             28"                 33"                                 10.75"


SIZE        BUST         WAIST        HIP
XS            30"               23"            32"
SM           32"               25"            34"
MD           36"               28"            38"
LG            40"               32"            42"
XL            44"               37"            46"
XXL          48"               48"            50"  


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