Philomena + Ruth is an independently owned store in historic downtown Waterloo, IL.  We carry handcrafted and independently produced clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home decor from the best artisans, both local and around the country.  Our 100 year old building has been brought back to life with an industrial meets vintage vibe using reclaimed materials from our family farm.

The Owner

Owner, Elizabeth Hahn, is an accessory designer and veteran store owner.  You may know her from her Just Liv brand, which she sells online and at indie craft shows & music festivals around the country.  A native of Southern Illinois, Elizabeth feels strongly about supporting the local community and independent businesses.

The Namesakes

Philomena_round           Ruth_round

Philomena (Rudloff) Minemann & Ruth (Yallaly) Hahn were Elizabeth’s grandmothers.  Elizabeth named her store after these two lovely women because it conveys the sense of community and tradition that she feels so strongly about.  Supporting your community, neighbors, and friends by shopping local and buying handmade has such a special meaning.  It makes you feel good inside, knowing that your money is staying in your own backyard.  Small town America was built on independent entrepreneurs and the community that supports them.  There’s so much history hidden in the streets and buildings of centuries old towns like Waterloo.  And often times, the skills that go into handcrafting the goods sold in Philomena + Ruth have been passed down from generation to generation.

 Please, come on in, and have a look for yourself.  I’d be happy to show you around!